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The Unknown Gamer

TESVI Wishlist

While extremely scant on details, Bethesda did manage to confirm that they are working on The Elder Scrolls VI, which was frankly the only thing I really needed to hear from them. Yes, there is some sort of Elder Scrolls mobile spinoff which looks OK, but we've been waiting long enough already for a proper sequel to Skyrim. Since they are clearly in the way-before-pre-alpha concept stage, I hope that Bethesda will listen to my wishlist for the next game. So here we go:

  • For the love of all that is good, please kill the Creator's Club. Literally nobody likes it. Not the people who use mods, and especially not the people who make them.
  • For the most part the overall design of levelling, skills, and talents in Skyrim is good. So the core of that idea should be kept with some tweaks.
  • Magic should scale better with skillups, especially destruction.
  • Lycanthropy and Vampirism are overpowered in Skyrim. They need to have more balanced drawbacks. In theory vampirism has drawbacks, until you realize you can just pop into Vampire Lord form and melt everyone's face.
  • Whatever ends up being the schtick of the game needs more variety. Oblivion's thing was the Oblivion copypasta red fire levels. Skyrim's things were the dragons which all had the same basic attack pattern.
  • More crafting variety.
  • Bring back magic customization.
  • Stealth should be less OP and require a bit more skill (and I'm saying this as someone who generally sucks at it.)
  • Make guild questlines more meaningful and impactful. Maybe make it so that guilds war with eachother. Allow the player to join with a law enforcement faction that fights against the Thieve's Guild and Dark Brotherhood.
  • Seamless dungeons, buildings, and towns. No more loading screens!
  • More detailed character customization, including more varied and diverse body types.
  • Maintain controls that are centered primarily around the first-person camera.
  • Native ultrawide support, please.