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The Unknown Gamer

Go Back to Ivalice, Scrub!

Recently, I have been casually enjoying Fire Emblem Heroes on my phone. Though I typically don't like mobile games very much, this is one of the few I can actually enjoy. I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore strategy game fan, but I do enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics and similar types of games. Because I'm a complete neophyte to the series, I never knew much about it outside the appearance of some of the characters in Smash Bros. After playing Nintendo's mobile offering for a bit, I decided that I'd dust off my 3DS and try a real Fire Emblem.

Hi, My Name is Anna

I was originally going to go with one of the more recent Fire Emblem: Fates games but after doing some research online, the general consensus is that Awakening is actually the way to go if you're unfamiliar with the series. So I ended up going with that. After loading up the game and choosing my difficulty, the first choice was if I wanted to enable the casual mode in order to turn off permadeath.

That's right, permadeath in a Nintendo game.

I swallowed my pride and declared myself a filthy casual, at least when it comes to this series. I'm glad I did, because so far I've found the game to be rather merciless. I completely underestimated the enemy AI's ability to gun for my healers and weaker units, and soon discovered that I couldn't be too aggressive with my offense. I also have started the game over once already because I screwed up the reclass/advanced class mechanic without realizng what I was doing. I also missed a recruitable character (not realizing I was supposed to win him over to my side rather than killing him). Despite the tutorials it gives you, the game hides many details about how stats and classes work, and isn't always clear when you're about to make a consequential decision that will haunt you for the rest of the playthrough.

Honestly with how the community is always going on about which Fire Emblem character is their waifu/husbando, I was under the false impression this was a much more casual series that would be almost entirely about the story. I was dead wrong.