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The Unknown Gamer

I really don't want to main Sephiroth...

After paying a bit too much attention to Nintendo and my PC, it seemed like my PS4 might be feeling a bit left out as of late. I had been interested in trying Monster Hunter World, but I want to wait for the PC version which is coming out later this year. Another game that looked relatively interesting to me was Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Frankly put, the idea of having Cecil punch Noctis in the face had a strange appeal to me.

As it turns out, things are a bit more complicated than this. Dissidia isn't exactly a traditional fighting game by any measure, and there's crapton of non-intuitive Square-Enix bullshit to get acclimated to before you can even begin to understand how to play properly. Whereas Super Smash Bros. is intended to be picked up by a casual who will be able to at least have fun mashing the buttons as Link or Mario, this game demands far more attention. My initial idea was that I'd be able to just pick an FF character I actually like and at least be able to beat up CPU-controlled versions of the FF characters I hate. This is not the case. All of the characters have very distinct playstyles and movesets, and it takes some time to even get a feel of if or not a character is a good mesh for you. This is, of course, after you figure out how the fucking camera and targeting systems work.

Sadly, I found that I could not get a great handle on any of the characters from Final Fantasy IV. After my first couple play sessions, I realized that I was doing far better with characters that I was hoping to avoid out of pure principal. Namely: Cloud, Sephiroth and Lighting. Fortunately, after playing a bit more I started getting much better with the ranged fighters. This is excellent because at least three of them are from FF games I actually like.

After deciding that ranged was the way to go, my sights almost instantly fell on Shantotto. Not only is she a badass mage from FFXI who is notorious for her ability to blow shit up with style, but she's voiced by Megumi Hayashibara, the most prolific seiyuu of the 1990s anime scene. While I'm not technically playing as Lina Inverse, using Shantotto is pretty fucking close as a result. The problem in Dissidia, however, is that many of her moves take a bit of time to use when she's not in her "enraged" mode. Maybe my reaction time isn't quite fast enough, but this seemed to leave me vulnerable to many counter-attacks.

Right now, I'm learning towards maining Y'shtola. She's not quite as slow on the attack as Shantotto, and also has an HP attack that can restore a bit of your own health. HP restoration skills seem a bit on the rare side in Dissidia, and so far I've found it to be helpful. It aslo does help that I generally find her to be one of the better characters in FFXIV's MSQ. She's not my favorite FF character by any measure, but at least I'm not forced to play Sephiroth.

Even so, nobody else I know is playing this game because of Monster Hunter. Oh well.