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New Rig!

I finally completed building my new gaming rig. This system has been a long time coming, since my last full build was in 2011. I've been mulling building a new PC for some time but it has always been difficult to justify because my old systm had been holding up fine with just a couple upgrades here and there. Back in the late 90s and 2000s, it was fairly common for me to put together a new system every other year or so, and it feels weird to have one last about five years. I could have probably held on even more thanks to the most recent GPU upgrade, but my hard drives were getting a bit full. It seemed like as good a time as ever to finally upgrade the whole thing, and overall I'm glad I did.

Having a motherboard that supports M2 SSDs is very nice, when all is said and done, and the new NZXT case I picked up looks way better than my old one. I've never been incredibly skilled at doing clean wiring jobs, but even I was able to pull off something fairly decent in this case. I'm not 100% pleased with it, but it looks infinitely better than my usual work. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how cool and quiet it runs, despite the fact that I didn't opt for water cooling. I was very close to doing it, and I even had a Corsair H105 in my possession, but I returned it after reading it was than recommended for my new case. To be honest I've been running multiple systems just fine over the last several years with nothing more than the stock Intel heatsink/fan combo. Since I tend not to overclock, I haven't had any real issues with them. I'm also paranoid about leaks despite the fact that everyone is telling me that the closed loop stuff on the market now is pretty solid. I might revisit this later, but I don't see an immediate need.

The hardest decision, overall, was deciding on an OS. I've got quite a bit of experience with Windows 10 now thanks to running it on various VMs, but I declined the free upgrade on my old PC because there are many things that annoy me about it. I could probably fill up an entire novel with my Windows 10 grievances, but most of my big gripes can be taken care of with a few third party applications, some GPOs, and a few registry hacks. I decided that continued Intel driver support and DX12 made Windows 10 worth it.

Honestly, I do find it just a bit insulting that Microsoft assumes I'm interested in XBox-related services just because I launch a game. I had a hard time disablign the XBox overlay it tried to shove into all my games (hard enough to where I almost wiped it and installed Windows 7). I didn't build a poweful gaming rig to have the XBox logo shoved in my face, and I generally prefer Playstation over XBox. Trying to give me an Xbox experience I don't want is just going to piss me off and make me want to buy an XBox even less.

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